Statistics And Reality

After a Delhi judge last August upheld the refusal of the Registrar of Trade Unions to authorize the Bal Mazdoor (Child Labor) Union, Butterflies, with the help of Soli J. Sorabjee, India's former solicitor general, lodged an appeal.

The Supreme Court ordered India's government to explain, in effect, why it believes children should be allowed to work like adults but not to organize to defend their interests. Bal Mazdoor is a registered Union to fight rights of children who labour.

Indian government officials have begun talking about the need to bring about a phased end to child labor. Meanwhile, the Harkin bill and a grass-roots drive in Germany to boycott imported carpets woven by children have made New Delhi supersensitive to the potential costs in lost export earnings of the continued exploitation of children.

But unfortunately, statistics and reality show real that improvement still lies , way ahead!

There is no concern that goes beyond sympathy, to the point of feeling anger and shame and therefore wanting to do something. Most Indians don't see this as a burning issue!

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