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Hum Coolie - Humanitarian Movement Against
Child Oppression & Others Living in Exploitation



  • To identify child & women victims of violence and exploitation

  • To understand their situation and to help them resolve & rise above it by creating awareness in the society
  • To create awareness amongst fellow Indians & empower the exploited in asserting their rights

Moved by the horror that many children , women and the aged are enduring in India, it was felt that just feeling of pity was not adequate. A war needs to be waged against those who abuse other human beings.

There are several hundred organisations, in India, already fighting this war. Hum-Coolie is launched on June 10, 2004, to join in this war and to support & reinforce the Humanitarian Campaign Against Exploitation.

The overall purpose of this Movement is to eradicate this insane and gruesome horror and protect fellow Indians from being abused & exploited. Our fundamental belief is that every Indian has the responsibility and duty to protect every other exploited child, woman or aged in our India.

Hum-Coolie is a non-profit voluntary Movement to spread spirit and awareness
on the total liberation of fellow Indians from all kinds of oppression and exploitation based on sex, race or class. Hum-Coolie has formulated a voluntary code of conduct that aims to form a network among individuals and groups to drum up awareness of issues; to meet about and act upon these issues; to help create and support relevant services to people in need; and to do all these for the empowerment of the exploited.

In solidarity!

Jayasree & Mohan Murti

Humanitarian Movement Against Child Oppression & Others Living in Exploitation

Escher Straße 21
50767 Köln,
Germany T: +49 221 777 1775
E-Mail: mohan.murti@t-online.de

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