dedicated to the „coolies“ of India

Humanitarian Movement Against Child Oppression & Others
Living in Exploitation

„wipe every tear from every eye“

We Indians, the fortunate ones, need to think of them, be aware of their existence. We need to recognize that they too are human beings, just like us.

They too have emotions such as happiness, and sadness, anger and fear , love and indifference, hunger & thirst, hopes & aspirations, ambitions & disappointments, panic & stress, pity & horror, strength & weakness.

That they are fellow human beings. That they too are Indians. That its just the quirk of fate that they carry our „loads“.

That they too deserve love & care, honour & respect.

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures
is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that is the essence of inhumanity.

From The Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw  


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